Can you Imagine what the world would be like if we couldn’t tell our stories?

As a TMI Project supporter, I’m certain you agree that there has never been a more important moment in our culture to break the news cycle and insert compelling personal stories into the popular narrative.

It’s not hard to imagine the impact of repressed stories. The absence of a diverse national narrative can lead to racism, sexism and homophobia, and more; all derived from “otherizing” those we’re not familiar with out of fear. Stories are often ignored, erased, made invisible or suppressed to uphold cultural norms. 

Now, imagine if we could harness the power of the personal narrative for social change on a national level. 

In order to achieve real social justice, we ALL need to be given a platform to share our stories and be heard. With your help, we can make this a reality.  Please donate now so we can reach our goal of raising $15,000 by December 31st. All funds raised during TMI Project’s annual appeal this year will be used to support our work in three primary social justice areas--race, mental health and gender & sexuality, --through the following projects in 2018:

  • #blackstoriesmatter Launched in 2017, #blackstoriesmatter is TMI Project’s way of making an  impact in addressing incidents of hate, bigotry and racial injustice in our local community while also participating as an organization in the national outcry of injustice. Your contribution will help us to implement a strategic plan aimed at achieving our ambitious goals for this initiative, like inspiring people to take action towards racial bias in their communities.
  • Vicarious Resilience Your contribution will help us finish production, do all of the post production work and create a distribution and marketing plan for Vicarious Resilience, the documentary about our ongoing collaboration with the Mental Health Association of Ulster County (MHA). Our goal? Destigmatize mental illness, one story at a time, and inspire viewers with mental health challenges to imagine the possibility of their own recovery. 
  • Locker Room Talk  With your help, we will finish filming Locker Room Talk, our documentary chronicling Kingston High School football players’ participation in a TMI Project memoir writing and storytelling workshop. Then, we’ll craft and implement a distribution, audience engagement and curriculum development plan aimed at bringing the work to schools and communities across the country. Our goal? Inspire more men and boys to access their authentic selves, and speak up in the face of violence against women.
  • TMI, The Podcast Your contribution will help pay for production costs as well as the development and the implementation of a strategic marketing and distribution plan to bring TMI, The Podcast to a national audience.Your donation will mean that more storytellers like Erica, Larry and Jessieca will be able to write and share their stories and experiences in a safe and compassionate space, and will help allow us to record and share their stories nationally. 

These stories have power.  Power to change the storyteller—to release them from pain, suffering, the past—and power to change the listener by connecting the narrative to universal elements of the human experience. Stories engage people at every level, not just in their minds but in their emotions, values and imaginations, which are the drivers of real social change. 

Partner with TMI Project by donating by December 31stTogether, we can make human connection go viral! 

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